400+ Distance Learning Resources for Families

400+ Distance Learning Resources for Families

Looking for distance learning resources for kids, tweens, and teens at home? Parents and teachers, you’ve come to the right place.  Currently, distance learning resources are in demand and needed by nearly every family.  Remotely, teachers are working hard to meet their students’ needs.  Presently, they are researching and sharing resources with the students and their families.

It can be daunting for teachers to locate and research effective lesson plans and activities to share with families at home.  One must consider the grade and reading levels, content areas, ease of use from home, special needs and more when finding these resources.  Teachers are working overtime to provide engaging learning options for children of all ages and their parents. Hats off to all our dedicated teachers and parents who are making this a reality right now!

For our part during the current crisis, here is a short list with some of the BEST distance learning resources available today. We hope they make your distance teaching and learning efforts even more effective.

Distance Learning Resources for Families at Home

1.   200 FREE Kids Educational Resources: Video Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites & More – Open Culture

Here you’ll find FREE video lessons, mobile apps, audio books, e-books and MORE.  In addition, the resources included are for grades K-12.

2.   13 Tips to Enhance e-Learning w/ Physical, Digital & Sensory Resources – Brennan Innovators

Here’s a list of 13 ways to incorporate low-tech, high-tech and sensory strategies into a unit of study.

3.   100+ Remote Learning Resources for ALL Grade Levels – Brennan Innovators

This list of resources is for variety of grade levels and content areas.  Also, new resources are frequently added to this collection.

4.   200+ Amazing Online Learning Resources – We Are Teachers

Here is a growing list of online learning resources for families.  In addition, many companies are making their products free for teachers and students during these difficult times.

SPECIAL NOTE: While we’re fighting the good fight regarding COVID-19, please stay home, stay safe and look forward to a better life when we defeat it!

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