Kids Can EXCEL with Hands-on STEM Activities!

Kids Can EXCEL with Hands-on STEM Activities!

Challenged Readers Can Learn More Effectively with Hands-on STEM Activities

Did you know that kids who are challenged readers can excel with hands-on STEM activities?  It’s no secret that many children struggle to read and lack the necessary skills to learn successfully.  At the same time, these same kids CAN excel in reading and learning with hands-on STEM activities, if provided with the right tools, resources, and accommodations to help them.

Incorporate the 5 Senses into Learning Activities

Also, it is important to keep in mind that many of these challenged readers learn differently.  For this reason, they must be given opportunities to utilize other gifts and talents they may have to make that learning a reality.  Incorporating as many of the five senses as possible into learning activities is key when attempting to engage these readers and learners.  That is one reason why hands-on activities often result in better understanding and retention of concepts presented in the classroom.  In the world of STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), hands-on activities can appeal to all or nearly all of the five senses, if enough thought and a little planning precede those activities.

Serve Up These STEM Resources as “Appetizers” for Student Learning

We gathered here some excellent online STEM resources to serve as “appetizers” for your reluctant or struggling readers, as well as for all your other students.  No one needs to know that you are targeting readers and learners who are challenged in some way.  These STEM links provided below should not only grab student attention but will KEEP them engaged for a sustained period.  In fact, you may find that it will be YOUR challenge to pull them away from one or more of the resources in order to transition to another activity.  Of course, you will then want to remind them that the resources will be available to them at a later time when they complete any assigned work.

Enjoy the limitless, “fun” STEM activities that these websites can offer to keep kids engaged and interested while enjoying and being immersed in STEM education.


One more tip: Appeal to even more of your students’ 5 senses by incorporating sensory-appealing literacy tools to help them focus and read better, too!


STEM Games for Kids—by Maryville University, St. Louis, MO

One Teacher’s STEM Victory Story—by Brennan Innovators, LLC

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