More About The Reading Focus Cards

Both the low-tech Reading Focus Cards tools and their digital desktop app are used worldwide to help many individuals improve their reading skills.
The Reading Focus Cards tools can also help readers with the following challenges:

ADHD Dyslexia Decoding Issues Autism
Down Syndrome Convergence insufficiency Brain Injury (TBI) Stroke (aphasia/alexia)
Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s Low Vision) Other Issues


The low-tech Reading Focus Cards isolate 1 or 2 lines of physical text AND block out MORE surrounding text than any other reading aids available.

Their optional colored filters (included) can also help decrease visual stress sometimes caused by white page backgrounds. The colors of the filters can actually help unblock brain pathways for some struggling readers.

By combining these above features into the Reading Focus Cards, the result can help children and adults with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, low vision, stroke or TBI (traumatic brain injury) issues to focus and read better.

This application called the Reading Focus Cards app (Patent 8,360,779) for Macs & Windows PC’s enables a reader to select a preferred color, size, degree of transparency and orientation of a virtual Reading Card AND Reading Filter, respectively and independently. These customized and unique selections combine to provide more focus, visual comfort, and improved tracking as well as comprehension and retention benefits for the individual reader.

Focusing and Learning

Focusing and learning issues for children and adults are problems sometimes neglected. Often, these issues may be called visual processing disorders, auditory processing disorders or intellectual disabilities. The struggle to focus while reading can frequently be a symptom of attention deficit disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, and forms of autism. Persons with low vision, stroke or TBI (traumatic brain injury) issues can also struggle with reading. Such issues can affect focus, concentration, retention and overall reading success.

The goal of the customizable and sensory-appealing tools on this site is to promote more focus and concentration, helping children and adults with these challenges to improve their self-esteem.

MORE Focus with the Reading Focus Cards

The reality is that many people may have a learning disability which can be diagnosed as ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning issue. These reading and learning issues are significant challenges for students, parents, and educators alike. These issues can negatively affect an individual’s future academic success!

When focusing issues become apparent, the Reading Focus Card is a straightforward and effective solution. Many struggling readers of all ages have benefited from using the Reading Focus Card, a customizable reading tool created by Joan Brennan, a 15-year veteran educator.

The way this reading tool works is simple. It is designed to train the reader to focus on individual words and text lines, guiding the eye appropriately from left to right. In this way, this educational tool helps promote more focus, improve important reading skills (tracking, fluency, word attack, etc.) and eliminate distractions such as other text lines on a page and the white page backgrounds.

Help for Focus & Learning Issues

Issues with attention span and focusing affect reading and are frequently associated with ADHD, dyslexia and autism spectrum disorders. However, poor attention span and focusing issues can also affect persons who have NOT been diagnosed with any special learning disability, preventing them from being able to focus, read and learn with more SUCCESS.

The key to finding a lasting solution for focus issues in reading and education in general is to review the possible reasons for these focus issues. Discovering and accommodating one’s learning style can help improve focus and concentration. It is also important to consider the learning environment. The lighting in a room and noise level can certainly impact one’s ability to focus. The availability of appropriate learning tools to help focus on reading is important yet often lacking in classrooms—but the Reading Focus Card provide the needed help!

The Reading Focus Card is the premier reading and learning tool that even helps students with significant learning issues find comfort and confidence knowing there is a way to improve their ability to focus, read and learn with success.