PODCAST: Reading Tools That Train Your Brain

PODCAST: Reading Tools That Train Your Brain

Brain-Training Tips & Tools Can Make a BIG Difference in Learning Success

Did you know that there are reading tools that can train your brain for more reading success? In a recent podcast interview, two experienced educators discussed the advantages of using specific strategies and simple tools to support and significantly benefit s variety of readers and learners.  Ms. Judith Epstein of Just Education First talked about brain-training literacy tools with middle-school educator and inventor, Joan M. Brennan.  Ms. Brennan is the founder and CEO of Brennan Innovators and has created innovative reading tools that train the brain and support all types of readers.

What Can You Learn from This Podcast?

Listen in to learn about ready-to-use brain-training strategies and tools that will help to:

      1. Improve focus, tracking, and reading stamina
      2. Increase reading comprehension and retention
      3. Provide other support for many readers

Discover what this teacher has learned in the nearly 20 years she has worked in the fields of education and literacy.  In addition, you will be able to access a FREE tips list for:

      1. Readers overwhelmed by TOO MUCH text on a page
      2. Individuals who struggle to stay focused when reading
      3. Children and adults who experience “visual stress” when reading
      4. And MORE tips, too!

For the COMPLETE printable list of these reading and learning strategies, just click here.

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