Now there is a Reading Focus Cards desktop application (U.S. Patent 8,360,779) for use with Windows PC—computers and notebooks

This innovative, overlay-type app can open new doors and eliminate many focusing, tracking and other issues for many challenged readers and learners. The desktop app will help with reading web pages, downloaded e-books, digital documents, spreadsheet programs and so much more!

Note: A separate version of the Reading Focus Cards desktop app for Macs is available HERE via the Mac App Store.

The innovative Reading Focus Cards desktop app for PC:

1.  Provides a digital Reading Focus Card that moves over text on a desktop screen with either a mouse or touch pad, arrow keys or fingers (compatibility and support for touch-screen technology—where applicable).

2. FLOATS on top AND STAYS on top of nearly any underlying program or application on a desktop or laptop computer.  This feature eliminates further frustration by an already-challenged reader.

3.  Is infinitely customizable, allowing for all features of the digital reading tool to meet an individual reader’s needs.

4.  Also allows for the increase or decrease the heightswidthscolors and orientations of BOTH the digital Reading Focus Card and Reading Window Filter.

5.  Allows for users to select how much or how little text is covered or uncovered on a webpage or digital document—whether online or offline.

6.  Also provides movement control of the digital Reading Focus Card over the text needing to be read—at the speed desired by the reader.

7.  Provides unique reading support for better focusimproved trackingincreased fluencybetter reading comprehension and retention when reading digital media.

For many years, readers have enjoyed more focused reading with the handheld Reading Focus Cards (U.S. Patent 7,565,759).  However, NOW readers can use the customizable desktop Reading Focus Cards app for more focused support with reading digital media.  The handheld tools are still great to use with physical books, documents, etc.   However, the Reading Focus Cards desktop app provides more visual comfort and customized focus when reading digital media.  As a result, webpages, e-books, PDF files, online or offline documents, spreadsheet applications will be much easier to read!

Click HERE to purchase & download the PC version of the Reading Focus Cards app.

A separate version of the Reading Focus Cards desktop app for Macs is available HERE via the Mac App Store.


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