Readers who experience “text overwhelm”

  • Children, teens and adults of all ages or ability levels
  • Readers frequently overwhelmed by just too much text or media on a page
  • Individuals who often stop reading after a short period (poor reading stamina)
  • Readers unable to focus on a line of text because too many words or text lines distract/block the reader from making progress.

How these individuals would use the tools with books, documents & some tech devices:

  • Select a preferred reading filter color to customize the tools for individual reading needs.
  • Use to improve attention, focus, comprehension and retention of content.
  • Use to read for longer periods with more visual comfort and support provided by the tools.
  • Use with portable e-readers and tablets, too. (Protective film required for device screens to prevent scratching with this application.)


  • Readers can select from among the yellow, deep blue or clear/non-glare reading filter colors provided for each tool to help improve visual comfort when reading.
  • Readers will be able to isolate 1-2 lines of text (depending on font size) with each tool. Surrounding text not needing immediate attention will be covered, decreasing distractions as well as improving focus, comprehension and retention of content read.
  • Readers can enjoy more focus when using the tools to read e-books and other digital text on e-readers, tablets and other hardware. (Please place a protective film on tech device screens to prevent scratches.)

Recommended products

Reading Focus Cards Set A—Asst. Colors (w/ 1 short & 1 long tool)
Reading Focus Cards Set B—Custom Colors (w/ 1 short & 1 long tool in customer’s choice of face colors)
4-Pk. Reading Focus Cards (Model #001 only)-Asst. Colors (For books w/ 2 text columns per page & e-readers)
4-Pk. Reading Focus Cards (Model #002 only)-Asst. Colors (For books w/ longer text lines & e-tablets)
Children’s book/tool sets available at

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