12 Tips for MORE Productive Study Time

12 Tips for MORE Productive Study Time

Need some practical tips for more productive study time?  As the semester draws to a close, the time crunch is on for more study in preparation for exams and term tests. We’re here to help you get ready and retain more content with practical tips you can use immediately.

Surprisingly, many of the tips to follow here are simple and fairly easy to incorporate into your regular academic schedule. You may already be using one or more of them. If so, that’s great! Please continue to do so while adding a few more to make test-taking times less stressful while building your self-confidence at the same time. As a result, you’ll be more than ready to ace those tests with these tips for more productive study time!

Practical Tips for More Effective Study Time

1.  Always Use Appropriate Lighting.

2.  Get Enough Sleep.

3.  Plan to Begin Studying Early—AND Do It!

4.  Color-code to Study More Effectively.

5.  Eat Healthy Food to Fuel Your Brain and Body.

6.  Avoid/Minimize Any Distractions.

7.  Use Mind Maps and Graphic Organizers.

8.  Be Sure to Take Planned Breaks to Exercise, Re-energize and Refresh.

9.  Try Listening to Instrumental Music to Soothe and Relax.

10. Use the Handheld Reading Focus Cards Tools with Printed Media.

11. With Digital Media, Use the Reading Focus Cards Apps for Mac or PC.

12. AFTER the Test, Treat Yourself to Celebrate!


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