BEST Dyslexia Blogs, Websites, and Resources

BEST Dyslexia Blogs, Websites, and Resources

Looking for the BEST dyslexia resources? Need to help your child or student with dyslexia challenges? Well, we have brought together the BEST blogs, websites, and resources available right here for you. In fact, consider bookmarking this article as a reference for your efforts in helping the nearly 1 in 5 individuals with dyslexia in your community.

We grouped these dyslexia resources into three categories for easier reference. Firstly, we have a short list of blogs for dyslexia support. Secondly, you will discover a group of websites frequently visited by parents, teachers, and other adults interested in more information, strategies, tools, and support for dyslexia. Finally, there is short list of dyslexia resources comprised of providers of products and services for individuals with dyslexia. In all, you will discover more than seventy resources here to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and adults challenged with dyslexia.

In conclusion, we hope this collection of resources will be helpful to you or others who serve individuals with dyslexia.

BEST Dyslexia Blogs

The Reading Well: Michael Bates started his blog in 2013 and continues to share his experiences. He is a father who tried his best for a dyslexic stepson but could not find a permanent solution.  You can find many articles explaining dyslexia and what are possible coping strategies.

Learning Success: This blog brings a different approach for learning, reading, writing, and speaking. Their method is not suitable only for people with dyslexia, but also for all children having learning difficulties. As a result, you can read more about this method and elevate your child’s learning.

Pride Reading Blog: PRIDE Reading Program’s goal is to provide parents, tutors, and teachers with tips, resources, and positive encouragement, especially with the challenges of dyslexia.

The Dyslexia Resource: This resource helps expand the reach of The Schenck School. This educational institution demonstrates excellence in teaching individuals with dyslexia. The school is also accessible to both public and independent school communities. As a result, this blog covers dyslexia diagnosis, common myths, dyslexia friendly learning environment, and other resources.

Homeschooling With Dyslexia by Marianne Sunderland: Website with excellent information & resources for teachers, homeschooling families and others who care for and serve children with dyslexia.

For MORE dyslexia blogs, click HERE.

BEST Dyslexia Websites

The International Dyslexia Association: This organization provides advocacy, resources & services to teaching professionals, advocates & others who serve and support individuals with dyslexia.  In addition, some individuals may be interested in these printable resources: FREE Dyslexia Fact Sheets

The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity: This organization focuses on dyslexic individuals’ strengths throughout school and home, preparing them for a successful life.

DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan: The goal of this organization is to help individuals with dyslexia, as well as parents, employers, and professionals of all kinds who have the privilege to work with dyslexics, gaining new understandings about dyslexia and an increased awareness of it. 

Understanding Dyslexia from View a snapshot of dyslexia. It provides information about what dyslexia is and more. Some experts believe that between 5 and 10 percent (and perhaps more) of individuals are challenged with dyslexia.

LD Online-Dyslexia Basics; This is a leading website for information about learning disabilities, learning disorders and differences (LD). Parents and teachers of children with LD will find authoritative guidance on attention issues, dyslexia and more.

Reading Rockets: This website is a national multimedia project that offers a wealth of research-based resources. Discover reading strategies, lessons, activities and more here designed to help young children learn how to read and read effectively.

Other Helpful Dyslexia Resources

Decoding Dyslexia: National grassroots organization of parents, teachers & other adults impacting the lives of children & adults with dyslexia.
Links to Individual State Branches

Dyslexic Advantage by Drs. Fernette & Brock Eide: Dyslexic Advantage (DA) is breaking the “cycle of negative” in school systems & workplaces by revolutionizing how dyslexic people are understood, educated & employed. To do this, it provides research-based information & resources for teachers, parents & others who serve the dyslexia community. In addition, the following resource is available for interested adults: Online Adult Dyslexia Checklist of Symptoms (for guidance only)

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia by Susan Barton: This organization shares the latest dyslexia research with those who serve the dyslexia community and need to know. Bright Solutions also provides teacher training and FREE informational videos about dyslexia.

800+ Dyslexia Resources—ALL in 1 Place! from Brennan Innovators: Organization has created this Pinterest board with a growing list of dyslexia resources (many are FREE). So, consider re-visiting often, as more resources are added weekly. This resource tracks the progress of legislation specifically related to dyslexia throughout the U.S. To stay informed, re-visit the site to check on progress made with your state’s dyslexia legislation.

Why Audiobooks? from MindSpark: Reasons why audiobooks are a GOOD and WISE resource for dyslexic readers.

Multi-Sensory Tools for Dyslexia & Other Reading Issues from Brennan Innovators: Organization provides customizable tools and apps for Mac or PC to help individuals with a variety of reading challenges, especially dyslexia.

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